The WHO Caregiver Skills Training

A novel, open-access training programme for caregivers of children with developmental disorders and delays.

All children can learn and develop their skills


You may feel concerned that your child is developing at a different pace than their peers. Remember that a child’s difficulties with development are not your fault.

This course is aimed at supporting you to help your child develop new skills, as well as taking care of yourself. Your role as a caregiver is very important.

Learn how to engage with your child

Learn how to engage with your child

These easy to use e-learning modules will teach you different strategies to use at home. This course focuses on supporting you on how to use everyday play and home activities as opportunities for learning and development. Specifically, how to support your child improve their communication, how to engage and interact with them, and how to teach them new skills for everyday life.

This course is based on face-to-face training sessions. Evidence shows positive outcomes from the use of these materials. Find out more about how the training helped change the lives of caregivers and children alike.